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Carissa isn't only Carissa - her creations are signed with the name "People I've Loved" as she isn't alone in the creative and printing process. Currently, People I've Loved is Carissa Potter, Loretta Haskell, & Emily Gui.

Carissa Potter lives and works in Oakland, California. Her prints and small-scale objects reflect her hopeless romanticism through their investigations into public and private intimacy. Speaking both humorously and poignantly to the human condition, Carissa's work touches chords we all can relate to - exploring situations we've all experienced at some point in our lives and conveying messages we simply long to hear.

Emily Gui is an experimental printmaker and mixed-media artist living in San Francisco. She makes uncanny images of real and imagined spaces that play with form and subject, often using the antique blue process of cyanotype. Her work pushes the boundaries of traditional printmaking techniques. 

People I’ve Loved is a few individuals longing for connection / a small printmaking workshop based out of Oakland, California. They specialize in hand-printed & assembled objects, in an Oakland farmhouse with a lemon tree.  People I've Loved's works (or pressing issues) intend to facilitate communication between real, tactile people. Not that they want to deny people their digital selves, they just think there can be room for both. "We are “in search of the miraculous” yet tragic definition of what it means to exist, in this time and space. And feel that we should make time to share it".

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