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Kitchen towel "how to wash a dish" by People I've loved

SFr. 19.00

This item is a must to all the husbands 1.0, alpha males, pro-feminist girlfriends, political activists, dishwashers addicts who can't clean and wipe a glass after dinner. It could also be sent in a space capsule to tell our 12th generation grand-kids how it was to do domestic chores by hand.


Screenprinted towel
100% cotton


Pauline tells you a story:

When it comes to eating, man doesn't spare itself. You have so many options to eat; Breakfast, Second breakfast, Elevenses, Brunch, Lunch, Plate, lunch, Tea, Dinner, Supper.

In dining, a course is a specific set of food items that are served together during a meal, all at the same time. A course may include multiple dishes or only one, and often includes items with some variety of flavors: Amuse-bouche, Full course dinner, Hors d'oeuvre, Dessert, Entrée, Entremet, Main course, Meal preparation, Side dish.

When dishes are served mostly in a single course, this is called service à la française; when dishes are served mostly in separate courses, this is called service à la russe.