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Fish bowl by Jean Jullien

SFr. 48.00 SFr. 0.00

Fish Fish Fish... Have you ever tried to play frisbee with fishes?


"Case Studyo is happy to introduce the ‘Animal Bowls’, the follow-up edition to the popular ‘Face Plates’ and the latest release in our ongoing collaboration with acclaimed illustrator and wittiest English Frenchman, Jean Jullien. The edition consists of 4 hand shaped coloured porcelain bowls, each one sporting a different animal face in Jean Jullien’s signature style, perfect for serving both hot and cold dishes.
The dog, cat, fish and frog encourage you to satisfy your animalistic appetite, forget table manners and enjoy your meal. Don’t be shy to lick the bowl!"

Porcelain bowl in limited edition
Hand casted

Size high bowl: 13 cm. x 7cm.

Bowls can be bought in set of 4.
4 colours/animal: Fish, frog, dog, cat. 2 different shapes