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Tiny creature - Black gorilla

SFr. 68.00

A home isn't a home without the little useless objects lying around. Don't understand mess and find excuses for yourself; it's about art and decor. Surround yourself with this lovely little creature.
It's hand sculpted, hand painted and unique. Adopt it today.

Min Pin believes in compassionate design, quality artistry, sustainability, and fun!
Currently based in Melbourne Australia, all Min Pin pieces are developed and handmade by Penny Min Ferguson in her studio in the Dandenong Ranges.

5 x 6 x 7cm


Pauline tells you a story: Beware of the gorilla

The song "Le gorille" – tells, in a humorous fashion, of a gorilla held in a Zoo, with a large penis (and admired for this by a large crowd) who escapes his cage. Facing the danger, the crowd quickly vanishes. A young judge and an old lady ramin, thinking they couldn't be picked by the horny animal.
Choosing for the best, the beast forcefully abducts the judge in order to satisfy his sexual lust.
The song contrasts the wooden attitude that the judge had exhibited when sentencing a man to death by the guillotine with his cries for mercy when being assaulted by the gorilla. This song, considered pornographic, was banned for a while. The song's refrain (Gare au gori – i – i – i – ille, "beware the gorilla") is widely known see the video