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Tiny creature - The Koala in the grass

SFr. 68.00

A home isn't a home without the little useless objects lying around. Don't understand mess and find excuses for yourself; it's about art and decor. Surround yourself with this lovely little creature.
It's hand sculpted, hand painted and unique. Adopt it today.

Min Pin believes in compassionate design, quality artistry, sustainability, and fun!
Currently based in Melbourne Australia, all Min Pin pieces are developed and handmade by Penny Min Ferguson in her studio in the Dandenong Ranges.


Pauline tells you a story: Amazing koalas

A koala sleeps about 20h a day. His movements usually don't exceeds 50m per day, therefore we can tell they don't do much, they basically stay in bed all day... but once you'll learn that the male koala has a bifurcated penis, and the female has two lateral vaginas, you'll start to have ideas of their real activities...