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"Mooney" blanket by Daniel Fletcher for Slowdown studio

SFr. 260.00 SFr. 0.00

Do you see a banana or a pirogue? A setting sun and its reflections or basket balls? You may bring this blanket for your next therapy session; no one likes to be cold on the sofa while evoking their mum.

Slowdown studio invites artists and illustrators around the world to compose vivid and joyful blankets.

Designed by UK artist Daniel Fletcher, the Mooney Throw is a woven cotton blanket that is suitable for the home, for picnics, as a unique gift, or to hang on the wall as art.

Made in the USA from 100% cotton grown, spun and woven in North Carolina.

137cm x 178cm

Pauline tells you a story:

Cubism (1904-1911) is a very famous art movement, explored by a such as famous artist, Pablo Picasso. But this painting is from Braque, the forgotten, the number 2... to cut it short, Braque is to Picasso what Robyn is to Batman. If you visit in a modern art museum the cubist section, you'll find paintings from the both artist. I challenge you to sort them out. Send me an email if you do.