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Art objects for poor collectors

Enter the peculiar world and aesthetic vision of Ardens Arti.
Where art objects mix with antiquities and crafts.


Meet Pauline, the founder and curator of Ardens Arti. 

The first question we must ask is what does ardens arti mean?

Ardens Arti in Latin means "ardently burning for the arts". Latin phrases are always fancy and a bit dramatic… I love the mysterious resonance of it.

How did this project get started?

I have always loved the visual arts and interior design. I created a brand of home textiles and immersed myself in the world of contemporary design. But after some years, I found I was increasingly seeking out antiquities, basking in their radiance. I find them so beautiful and soothing. I'm a big fan of objects, knick-knacks or "bibelots" as some pejoratively call them in French, those little figures or decorative objects, totally useless but so lovely. I wanted to gather all of this together. Because in the end, it's with these objects that you can give your home a personal and "gemütlich" feeling as you say in German, warm and cozy.

What is an art object?

An art object is an object (not a painting, not a piece of furniture) conceived by an artist and part of an artistic concept or created by a craftsperson and therefore handmade and rare, not mass-produced. These objects are collectibles. 
I select them based on various criteria: unique / rare / different / high quality / manufactured / fun...  It has to make me smile or feel something strong and positive.

You say "art objects for poor collectors", what do you mean?

These objects are valuable enough to be collected. I don't believe that money is necessary to collect beauty. I want to provide objects accessible to young collectors like me, who don't necessarily have the knowledge or the money but certainly have the instinct.

What is the link between a face plate from Jean Jullien and a wooden Christ from the 17th century?




Pauline is 34 years old and lives in Zürich. She is an art director and graphic designer.
Co-founder of the interior design brand chic cham, founder of the stationary brand Frech and the Lausanne city guide Places we love. Ardens Arti is her latest project, initiated in 2017.

Orders are shipped from Zürich, Switzerland.