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Animal bowls set by Jean Jullien

SFr. 168.00

You must manipulate your guests to make sure they spend a great evening at your place, and tell the next day to everybody how fantastic you are. Use these fabulous plates to set their mood. It works.


"Case Studyo is proud to unveil its latest collaboration with world-renowned illustrator and funniest French Englishman, Jean Jullien. The edition consists of an impressive set of 6 ‘Face Plates’. The plates are handcrafted and molded in high-quality porcelain and adorned with Jean Jullien’s signature brushstrokes. Each plate of the set has its own unique shape, color and facial expression. They are to be enjoyed in company or all by your lonesome, either way, you’ll never eat alone again. With the Face Plates, every dinner becomes a party. You can now own a plate for every type of dinner guest, food or mood."

Porcelain bowls in limited edition
Hand casted
4 colours/animal: Fish, frog, dog, cat. 2 different shapes.

Size high bowl: 13 cm. x 7cm.
Size low bowl: 15,5cm. x 6 cm.

Bowls can be bought separetly.