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Baby Jesus

SFr. 560.00

The Divine Infant is the most tender representation of Jesus; it is the incarnation of vulnerability and innocence.
The delicate sculpting makes this small sculpture a wonderful piece of art.

Remember: You don't have to be Christian to appreciate beauty.

Polychrome paint (remains)
Origin: South Germany
17th century


Pauline tells you a story:

The baptism of Jesus and his crucifixion are considered to be two historically certain facts about Jesus. James Dunn states that these "two facts in the life of Jesus command almost universal assent" and "rank so high on the 'almost impossible to doubt or deny' scale of historical facts" that they are often the starting points for the study of the historical Jesus. Bart Ehrman states that the crucifixion of Jesus on the orders of Pontius Pilate is the most certain element about him. John Dominic Crossan states that the crucifixion of Jesus is as certain as any historical fact can be. Eddy and Boyd state that it is now "firmly established" that there is non-Christian confirmation of the crucifixion of Jesus. Craig Blomberg states that most scholars in the third quest for the historical Jesus consider the crucifixion indisputable. Christopher M. Tuckett states that, although the exact reasons for the death of Jesus are hard to determine, one of the indisputable facts about him is that he was crucified.