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Enamel pin "Things will work out" by People I've loved

SFr. 16.00

This pin could be worn by Woody Allen's therapist, or the Trump administration, or socialists in North Korea. Anyways, it will look better on you.

Enameled metal




Pauline tells you a story:

If crossing finger today means good luck, it has quite a different origin... It goes back to the 1st century AD, where Christians, when persecuted by the Romans used the symbol of crossed fingers to recognize one another and assemble for Holy Mass. When they were persecuted in Rome, Christians would secretly come together with the sign of the fish, and they would hold up their crossed fingers, as a Sign of the crossed emblem that had once been on the vestments of the army of Barabbas.
This superstition thus became popular among many early European Christian cultures. In some places, a comrade or well-wisher placed his index finger over the index finger of the person making the wish, the two fingers forming a cross. The one person makes the wish, the other empathizes and supports. Over centuries, the custom was simplified, so that a person could wish on his own, by crossing his index and middle fingers to form an X.
But be careful where you use it, in Vietnam, this gesture means f*ck you!

Image: A 4th-century icon of St. Paul the Apostle from Ephesus