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Kitchen towel "collage" by Parra - black

SFr. 26.00

Have a splash of Parra's world in your kitchen, with his deliciously kinky drawings.
On this drawing you can recognize Icarus, and a centauride (female centaur).

Learn more about Parra, the dutch artist here

Jacquard woven kitchen towel (reversed colors on the other side)

63 x 65 cm
100% organic cotton
Wash at 30 degrees

Made in the Netherlands at the Dutch Textile Museum

Pauline tells you a story:

In the high woods there was none comelier of all the centaur-girls, and she alone by love and love’s sweet words and winning ways held Cyllarus, yes, and the care she took to look her best (so far as that may be with limbs like that). She combed her glossy hair, and twined her curls in turn with rosemary or violets or roses, and sometimes she wore a pure white lily. Twice a day she bathed her face in the clear brook that fell from Pagasae’s high forest, twice she plunged her body in its flow, nor would she wear on her left side and shoulder any skin but what became her from best-chosen beasts.

-Ovide, Metamorphosis