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"Alpenländisch" Rustic stool

SFr. 190.00

Go Milk the cow Hans, don't spill it, and don't dream on planes and rockets.

Stool (probably used as a chopping board)
Hand-carved wood
19th century
Swiss Alps

Pauline tells you a story:

Inside a quaint-looking, thatched-roof, cross-beamed home, the first morning light shines in the bedroom window. The husband and wife yawn and roll out of their straw bed. They get dressed quietly since their children are sleeping just a few feet away on makeshift beds, set up on the floor or benches. After the children wake up, the beds will be moved out of the way. The wife makes her way towards the kitchen to begin preparing breakfast, passing through the large, center hallway on her way. As she steps into the hall, she is greeted by the odor of animals that have slept in the home also. A maidservant, refreshed from her night’s sleep in the hayloft, meets her in the kitchen.