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Snake guard - Hopi (native american) Kachina doll

SFr. 25.00 SFr. 55.00

This doll personifies the spirit of a snake guard. Place it in your home for protection, good luck or good vibes. And if you're a radical Trotskyst, you can just use it as decoration.

Carved by hand by Grace Pooley, sixty-year-old native american lady living in New Mexico state.
Unique piece

For each doll sold, Ardens will donate 5chf to the National Indian Education Association.


Cottonroot wood


Pauline tells you a story:

Kachinas are spirits or personifications of things in the real world. These spirits are believed to visit the Hopi villages during the first half of the year. The local pantheon of kachinas varies in each pueblo community; there may be kachinas for the sun, stars, thunderstorms, wind, corn, insects, and many other concepts.

The central theme of the kachina [religion] is the presence of life in all objects that fill the universe. Everything has an essence or a life force.

Hopi katsina figures, also known as kachina dolls are small brightly painted wooden "dolls" which are miniature representations of the masked impersonators. These figurines are given to children not as toys, but as objects to be treasured and studied.

Hopi katsina figures, also known as kachina dolls are figures carved, typically from cottonwood root, by Hopi people to instruct young girls and new brides about katsinas or katsinam, the immortal beings that bring rain, control other aspects of the natural world and society, and act as messengers between humans and the spirit world.