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Tara Booth - Black socks only - art print

SFr. 40.00

Your little miseries aren't orphans; you're not alone. Find the catarsis in Tara Booth's art by hanging on your wall you deepest shames.
Or, if you're one of the lucky folks, enjoy the supremacy of never experiencing any of them and strut about it.


Offset print


About Tara Booth's art:

"Booth’s drawing style is far from figure-flattering, which allows it to capture the mannerisms and disturbances human beings can display in social situations. She is a master of self-deprecation, translating her shameful actions into gloriously taboo moments of artistic revelation. She does this by creating artwork about identity and expectations during times she is not at her best but perhaps not at an all-time low, like when she is in the holding cell in isolation, watching the clock in tears, and has no one to turn to but herself.

Bodies are drawn with an intentional sloppiness and faces are clumsily penciled in. This unassuming style allows readers to jump right into the story, because we can identify with both the vagueness of the characters’ visual representation and the specificity of their reactions and emotions. This is important because none of the characters within this wordless comic have names, so the figures’ emotive qualities need to hold enough visual power to propel the story along.
The colors she uses highlight her keen eye. She plays endlessly with patterning and loads so much pigmented color that she seems to be attentively flirting with chaos.

As an artist, Booth works to push the boundaries between comic arts and fine art, and she lives up to no standards of appropriateness other than her own. Her social commentary is sharp and her visual storytelling unassuming. She crafts an innovative exploration of shame and failed expectations."

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