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Tiny creature - The lazy lion

SFr. 68.00

A home isn't a home without the little useless objects lying around. Don't understand mess and find excuses for yourself; it's about art and decor. Surround yourself with this lovely little creature.
It's hand sculpted, hand painted and unique. Adopt it today.

Min Pin believes in compassionate design, quality artistry, sustainability, and fun!
Currently based in Melbourne Australia, all Min Pin pieces are developed and handmade by Penny Min Ferguson in her studio in the Dandenong Ranges.

 4 x 4 x 11cm

Pauline tells you a story: The Swiss guard

Swiss Guards are the Swiss soldiers who have served as guards at foreign European courts since the late 15th century.  Foreign military service was outlawed by the revised Swiss Constitution of 1874, with the only exception being the Pontifical Swiss Guard stationed at the Vatican. Established in 1506, it is one of the oldest military units in the world.

The most famous episode in the history of the Swiss Guards was their defense of the Tuileries Palace in central Paris during the French Revolution. Of the nine hundred Swiss Guards defending the Palace on 10 August 1792, about six hundred were killed during the fighting or massacred after surrender. One group of sixty Swiss were taken as prisoners to the Paris City Hall before being killed by the crowd there.[3] An estimated hundred and sixty more died in prison of their wounds or were killed during the September Massacres that followed.

The heroic but futile stand of the Swiss Guard is commemorated by Bertel Thorvaldsen's Lion Monument in Lucerne, dedicated in 1821, which shows a dying lion collapsed upon broken symbols of the French monarchy. An inscription on the monument lists the twenty-six Swiss officers who died on 10 August and 2–3 September 1792 and records that approximately 760 Swiss Guardsmen were killed in those days.